Todo o Nada – Part 1

Todo o Nada (All or Nothing) is a venture joint effort of various artist uncovering what they adore the most and pushing their points of confinement. It is tied in with conveying everything that needs to be conveyed as specialists and as individuals. Appearing using style photographs. This is a joint effort with everybody pushing their own weight and uncovering all that you got. It is just “Todo o Nada” All or Nothing.

Behind the scenes for Chaotic Opulence - Jose Studios

Todo o Nada comprises of everybody doing their part so as to pick up a superior and top-notch bit of workmanship. It is uniting everybody and functioning as a group. It is composed of models, cosmetics artists, hairstylists, fashion designers, and myself, art director and picture taker. Todo o Nada started when I was told cosmetics would be finished by Rachel Grijalva (NARS Cosmetic artist) and Octavio X (Celebrity cosmetics artist). Two of the most skilled cosmetics artist I have known. I immediately began arranging a subject for the photos.

Yes, this was very stressful and time consuming in both preparation and Production

My challenges

To start, the most challenging errand was everybody’s timetable. Getting everybody to take part in an entire day undertaking was difficult. I needed to continually reschedule everybody’s time to concur we could make it. And not to mention some of the talents couldn’t make it and had to find more. Additionally, Rachel G. needed to fly from Los Angeles to take an interest. Nevertheless, it took about a few months to set everything up.

Presently, when everybody consented to date, the following task was clarifying the thought and the procedure. To make this simpler, I needed to make a PDF file clarifying everything about the shoot itself and every other person’s job. I accumulated instances of pictures and expounded just on anything they had to know. I needed everybody to realize my vision as clear as I could so they could begin getting in the mindset. Likewise, needed everybody’s info and conclusions. I like to get ideas and recommendations preceding the shoot, on the day of the shoot I do not like changing ideas and or suggestions, things can lead up to a long-lasting day if we go that route. The following piece of the task was teaming up with fashion designers. I initially had 3 designers to work with and two of them wound up dropping the shoot. I stayed with one; Jeanette Flores. I disclose my vision to her and loved the thought. I assemble all the texture she mentioned to begin. Jeannette took on a major task and us adulation to her for her exertion and opportune issue. Her final designs came out perfect. On hair, I had Diana De la Hoya, I was unable to discover different talents, so she had a great deal of work on her hands. Fortunately, the hair didn’t require a lot of development and was simply fundamentally convenient solutions. In any case, Diana went above and finished making astonishing work. She is an individual that commits completely to an errand she engages in. Similarly as Jeannette Flores. As a rundown, these were the individuals I was searching for; committed, faithful, pure, individuals, who might and do anything for art. Our shoot got started around 10 am and concluded around 9 PM. Well, we also did individual portraits so I can show the makeup and hair and of course the talent.

THe final product

In end the shoot itself; I said no more! I was very tired and stressed. Be that as it may, toward the end it was all justified, despite all the trouble. I have now made Todo o Nada a yearly task. Gathering different artists to team up and make art. Todo o Nada pushed me as far as possible and unquestionably took in a ton. What’s more, indeed, I realized a ton. If there’s anything I like most, it is learning. Please enjoy our work and let me know your contemplations. Thanks for visiting.



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